Kongalath Foundation

aims to pass on considered opinion of senior clinicians and the information relating to medical sciences to the less knowledgeable population of the world. The foundation is supported by members of Kongalath family originally from Thiruvalla, Kerala state having significant number of clinicians in India and western countries. A project started as www.keralaphysicians.in aiming to reach out to the population of Kerala is now gaining momentum to reduce some of the risks associated with interpretation of modern scientific literature and of health care systems widely practiced. As a wealth of information is available on the internet the layman would be confused as to which right information to access, many sites having associated business motives and income generation.

Collective effort, therefore, is required to improve quality of care to the population at large and also to channel funds where needed based on cost effectiveness, acceptability and practicality. Personal gains to individuals, health care corporate bodies and to groups planning the provision of health care could color the decision making process thereby leading to resources being inappropriately allocated.

Results of well conducted epidemiological studies should be disseminated to the general population to make value decisions suppressing emotional content and any bias subjectively or objectively.

Another primary objective of the foundation is to introduce some basic medical knowledge into the school curriculum to stimulate interest in medical scientific research and health care services.

Lack of awareness of the deficiencies of the health care systems and of individual's inability to follow medical advice do appear to be the main contributory factor in leading to many of the maladies seen today.

Reliable statistical data should reach the population to assist the decision making process based on odds ratio of outcome of management of diseases.

Policy makers should be trained on these matters before they are placed on committees designated to carryout the allocation of funds.

The elderly are the most users of the health service and are likely to need the latest up to date information on medical advances as well as the accepted practices for decades.

Improved care to the elderly must be available within the national framework of the services to the elderly who remain vulnerable in par with the very young. Therefore, stringent monitoring of the care must be well funded and supported in a nationwide program to ensure that quality services are extended to this group preventing overexploitation by corporate bodies or individual health care professionals.

If visitors to this site accept the above principles then the foundation encourages groups to embark on mounting a campaign to influence policy makers to bring about vital changes to the health care provision.

Dr. Mathew Varghese

Kongalath Foundation