Moral integrity is greater virtue than earning a square meal by deceiving fellow human.

Education is of no use unless one is able to apply in real life.

Try not to apportion blame on to someone else if you also have obligations to take corrective steps.

Common tasks should not be left to another if one can help it.

Even one is retired one can still contribute in various ways for the common good.

One's rights cannot be claimed by devolving from responsibilities and obligations.


Male species are designed to prefect the adaptaion strategy of the genes while female species are designed to pass on that adaptatabilty for future of the species.

Life is an electro-biochemical activity of the hydrocarbon to adapt to the surroundings.

Human psyche is the sum of nature, nurture and circumstances.

Emotions, rationality and egoism are more acquired from surroundings.

Bonding with the offsprings is the nature's way of ensuring independent life of the offspring and is likely to wane with acquisition of independence of the offspring.

More genetic traits are likely to be passed on and expressed in the opposite gender progeny.

Sibling are likely to be as diverse as possible to improve the chances of survival of the genes.

Siblings are likely to have envy, rivalry and kinship.

Knowlege is acquired while wisdom is the ability to apply the acquired knowledge ( good and bad) for own benefit and that of the species.

Male species' dominant physical, imaginitative and strategic traits are mirrored in females as practical, dependent and social traits.