Life History of Kongalath members

KONGALATH VARKEY VARGHESE (Georgechayan1913-2005)

School- MGM, Thiruvalla

College - Union Christian College, Alwaye for B.A

Following death of father Bowdy Varkeychayan he took over the role as father of the family at age 20 yrs to manage the family shop and to educate his younger siblings. He was a disciplinarian and meticulous at record keeping, was also one of the municipal council members and treasurer for the Paliakara Church for 14 yrs. He was particular not to waste funds for frivolous items, luxuries or holiday outings.
Hobbies- Football captain at College, Card games, DIY, Table tennis. memorizing historical speeches by famous people.
Medical – No illnesses of significance other than very mild Diabetes and prostatic hypertrophy in the last few years of his life. Nonsmoker. Alcohol - almost nil. Height 5’9” Wt. 80Kg
Birth date 13 Dec 1913 Death 30 Oct 2005 (92 yrs) Died of old age and urinary infection.
Family - Marriage to Aleyamma ( Vazhayil, Thiruvalla 1929-) Children- Thampi, Grace, Silvy, Biju & Raju.


Views and Policies of Georgechayan

Keep a thing until you find a use for it.

In business trust not anyone, even your close relations.

Free gifts are never appreciated.

Give advise only when asked for.

Giving loans means you say " Goodbye " to the person who asks for the loan.

Give nothing and accept nothing except what is legitimate.